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On writing

I have not updated my blog for a very long time maybe because I'm running out of reasons to write creatively. When you are growing up your time is being invaded by duties both at work and at home. During my free time, I need to squeeze in some moments to reconnect with old friends. I just do not have time to float among the clouds. To rethink  about decisions I just made because right after, I need to attend to something.

My writing spree is only when I work in the office or do some freelance write ups. I can't write for myself anymore. I can't write without a reason. This is I guess is the reason for getting paid for writing. You have to be conscious about facts and grammar and not time to play with words insensibly.

What will I do next? For now maybe just go with the flow.



Dear Blog,

will update you soon. I'm so excited that the PC's back! Yahoo, I say to you.

Lovelots, Cath



I want to make a new blog with only photos/images (and some texts) found in it.
Right now, I'm crazy about making digital Polaroid photos. :)


Just a thought

I want to create new blogs. One that would be ALL TEXT, and another one that would comprise of IMAGES (drawings, photos).


My Birthday

My birthday is today, but I kinda celebrated it yesterday. It wasn’t actually some kind of a party or simple family feast. Yes, my mom cooked pancit, but everyone in the house was broke, so there wasn’t really sumptuous food for us or anything.
Anyway, I celebrated the day by doing a few things I love. Tell me I’m shallow but blue sky and cold breeze make me happy. So, yesterday’s afternoon was like a gift from God.
I stayed outside in the afternoon, drank coffee, read a little, and put some music on my ear. Later, I watched the movie “My Neighbor Totoro”. It was good. I wish I live in a similar place. There’s so much to discover in the rice fields, the woods and even inside Satsuki and Mei’s house.
After the movie, my niece and I drew some pictures and we hung them on the wall. I called the hung pictures our Gallery—for one night only. Later tonight, I need to remove them.
It wasn’t my most momentous or memorable birthday, but I feel that every year of my life is getting more meaningful. Gradually, I learn more about life, God, love, passion and people. Even though humans are often fickle-minded and complex and materialistic, they still interest me. Their sufferings, secrets, and happiness are things I want to learn and understand. Thereby, I’m having a birthday project this year which is connected with questions people ask. I’ve a question too. Actually, I got lots of them.
What’s yours?
It's nice to belong here. :)


Aloha Marikina

When I was a lot younger, I remember this city as a place often attacked by flash floods during the rainy season. Whenever it would rain for days, I'd expect Marikina to be flooded, where people stay on their roofs for days while waiting for supplies or rescuers.

When my family moved to San Mateo, few years ago, I had the chance to pass by Marikina often. And eventually, this place became a a little piece of haven (yeah) for me. When I was in college, I'd go to Riverbanks mall and stroll with my heart's desires. I used to sing in the videoke rooms all by myself or have a few drinks with college buddies near the river.

One of the most memorable moments I had there was when I was so heartbroken and my best buddy joined me for a walk. We walked around the river, from Riverpark to the mall and back. It was exhilarating but fun. It was 2007 and the new year was approaching. We discovered a church. ran away from lurking evil spirits and waved good bye to a passing boat.

During the holy week of 2009, I went to stroll the length of the river again, this time, with my younger sister. It was noontime and it was so hot.

Marikina is also a good place to buy cheap clothes and shoes. I'd buy clothes from Riverbanks mall and shoes from Marikina market. I also acquire fun in visiting cheap second had stores around Bayan. For books, I'd sometimes go to Mariquinton mall to find some second hand reads. But, I rarely go there.

Another unforgettable I had in Marikina was when I went home walking from Sports Center to Fairlane (?). It was really exhausting, but it was so difficult to get a ride because there was rain the afternoon and it was flooded in some places.

It was also the time when I was obsessed with walking was at the edge of some uncertainties in life.
QC is still my favorite city and Makati and Manila are also good, but there just a lot of things which Markina and I shared.
Recent photos I had at Marikina.

A lonesome (but not really) stroll one Sunday afternoon.



I miss my friendster blog. There were a lot of crazy, incoherent and grammatically-wrong posts I've written there, and I think my blogsite is already non-existent, so I do not have any chances of looking back at those days when I worry about my school allowance, projects, crushes and world peace.


what is power?

Fly around the world. Command the execution of someone. Carry heavy loads at a time.

You can do almost anything with power. It also comes in different forms and shapes. It can be physical strength, money or a government position. There's actually a lot more of it.

It can be good most of the time since you'd be capable of fighting diseases, do your job well, finish tasks quickly and gain experiences. Some people however, are not just keen enough in handling their power, which sometimes is not even their own. Since they're connected  with someone powerful--such as a rich person, a government official, or the world's boxing or weight-lifting champion, they think they're invincible as well.

These people, who get to taste a bit of power are eaten up whole, and they allow it, not knowing they'll get pooped out in the end.

Since they are acquainted with these earthly powerful men, they feel they got a lot of subordinates, whom they can easily stomped on.

Why, such people do not really know how to live. They think living is being on top, enjoying things, getting more than what they are supposed to have. They think they can get away from the thing they did just fine.

Why do people enjoying power-tripping? What kind of joy does it give them?
They hurt other people's ego, just to prove they're worthy and others are comparatively worthless. Will It prove their existence? Will it give them more power? And if they gain more, what are they gonna do with after?

They'd just die in the end always hungry for something. Their bodies cold corpses and their spirits back to zero.


Facing the brunt of February

It's not really mean, but some things are just crazy around me now.

I'm sick and it's my birthday month. : /


hello, my dragon

I wonder what's gonna be for me this year? Often times I am filled with optimism, plans and paranoia.

It's just that at one time, I'll be overly glad, but scared on the next phase. or maybe I'm just sick of some mysterious, incurable disease that has not been discovered by doctors and scientists.

Please, 2012 let's be friends. I could be scared of dragons, but maybe the world isn't coming to an end yet, I guess. Also, many things are just starting for me.

I'll make plans, but there are Divine pathways too, which I can't take control to make a reroute.