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September 20, as  Agriculture Usec. Bernadette Puyat said, is truly a landmark in the history of the Department.

That day, which seemed a normal day to other government offices, private companies, commuters and passersby(except for those celebrating their birthdays etc..)--was the day the DA Hymn was launched, and the event was graced by no other than the song's composer and lyricist, and a well-known activist--Noel Cabangon.

Incidentally, he formed Buklod, an activist folk-rock group, in the same year I was born. The group, composed of Noel Cabangon himself, Rom Dongeto, and Rene Boncocan, was always present in rallies and performed various songs that stirred the hearts of protesters. He even cited that it was a contradicting scene that he was performing inside a government agnecy, while years ago he was just in front of the Department of Agrarian Reform, perfroming activist songs such as the Bamboo-remake "Tatsulok" which had been a theme song of many activist groups during the last two decades.

I actually got introduced to his art when I heard his first commercially-released song "Kanlungan" during my highschool. It's cool for somebody like Noel Cabangon, a true-blue artist and patriot, to create something that will be part of the history. I just hoped he performed "Tatsulok" and "Kanlungan" that day, but "Mabuting Pilipino" and "Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko" were not bad choices as well.

Here goes the lyrics of DA Hymn:

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