what is power?

Fly around the world. Command the execution of someone. Carry heavy loads at a time.

You can do almost anything with power. It also comes in different forms and shapes. It can be physical strength, money or a government position. There's actually a lot more of it.

It can be good most of the time since you'd be capable of fighting diseases, do your job well, finish tasks quickly and gain experiences. Some people however, are not just keen enough in handling their power, which sometimes is not even their own. Since they're connected  with someone powerful--such as a rich person, a government official, or the world's boxing or weight-lifting champion, they think they're invincible as well.

These people, who get to taste a bit of power are eaten up whole, and they allow it, not knowing they'll get pooped out in the end.

Since they are acquainted with these earthly powerful men, they feel they got a lot of subordinates, whom they can easily stomped on.

Why, such people do not really know how to live. They think living is being on top, enjoying things, getting more than what they are supposed to have. They think they can get away from the thing they did just fine.

Why do people enjoying power-tripping? What kind of joy does it give them?
They hurt other people's ego, just to prove they're worthy and others are comparatively worthless. Will It prove their existence? Will it give them more power? And if they gain more, what are they gonna do with after?

They'd just die in the end always hungry for something. Their bodies cold corpses and their spirits back to zero.

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