What Shall I Write?

I haven't blogged here for the longest time.

A few weeks (or months) back, I thought of writing about a Korean friend, lost friends, my town, and any thing in between.

But laziness hit me along with may issues that I need to face, such as emotional roller coaster, new experiences that are unlikely me (based on my own definition of myself).

So, today, I decided to force myself to write.

I actually have two article assignments on the Mango Pulp Weevil issue, one for press release, and another for radio broadcast.

I was excited to start it after the meeting last Wednesday, but little by little my energy just dwindled.

I want to write something, or read anything, but still my focus just floats over my head unable to connect to reality and push it self to be productive.

I am thinking, maybe I'm having a writer's block or maybe I'm just plain lazy.