Aloha Marikina

When I was a lot younger, I remember this city as a place often attacked by flash floods during the rainy season. Whenever it would rain for days, I'd expect Marikina to be flooded, where people stay on their roofs for days while waiting for supplies or rescuers.

When my family moved to San Mateo, few years ago, I had the chance to pass by Marikina often. And eventually, this place became a a little piece of haven (yeah) for me. When I was in college, I'd go to Riverbanks mall and stroll with my heart's desires. I used to sing in the videoke rooms all by myself or have a few drinks with college buddies near the river.

One of the most memorable moments I had there was when I was so heartbroken and my best buddy joined me for a walk. We walked around the river, from Riverpark to the mall and back. It was exhilarating but fun. It was 2007 and the new year was approaching. We discovered a church. ran away from lurking evil spirits and waved good bye to a passing boat.

During the holy week of 2009, I went to stroll the length of the river again, this time, with my younger sister. It was noontime and it was so hot.

Marikina is also a good place to buy cheap clothes and shoes. I'd buy clothes from Riverbanks mall and shoes from Marikina market. I also acquire fun in visiting cheap second had stores around Bayan. For books, I'd sometimes go to Mariquinton mall to find some second hand reads. But, I rarely go there.

Another unforgettable I had in Marikina was when I went home walking from Sports Center to Fairlane (?). It was really exhausting, but it was so difficult to get a ride because there was rain the afternoon and it was flooded in some places.

It was also the time when I was obsessed with walking was at the edge of some uncertainties in life.
QC is still my favorite city and Makati and Manila are also good, but there just a lot of things which Markina and I shared.
Recent photos I had at Marikina.

A lonesome (but not really) stroll one Sunday afternoon.

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