My Birthday

My birthday is today, but I kinda celebrated it yesterday. It wasn’t actually some kind of a party or simple family feast. Yes, my mom cooked pancit, but everyone in the house was broke, so there wasn’t really sumptuous food for us or anything.
Anyway, I celebrated the day by doing a few things I love. Tell me I’m shallow but blue sky and cold breeze make me happy. So, yesterday’s afternoon was like a gift from God.
I stayed outside in the afternoon, drank coffee, read a little, and put some music on my ear. Later, I watched the movie “My Neighbor Totoro”. It was good. I wish I live in a similar place. There’s so much to discover in the rice fields, the woods and even inside Satsuki and Mei’s house.
After the movie, my niece and I drew some pictures and we hung them on the wall. I called the hung pictures our Gallery—for one night only. Later tonight, I need to remove them.
It wasn’t my most momentous or memorable birthday, but I feel that every year of my life is getting more meaningful. Gradually, I learn more about life, God, love, passion and people. Even though humans are often fickle-minded and complex and materialistic, they still interest me. Their sufferings, secrets, and happiness are things I want to learn and understand. Thereby, I’m having a birthday project this year which is connected with questions people ask. I’ve a question too. Actually, I got lots of them.
What’s yours?
It's nice to belong here. :)

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