last day of june

I don't know what to feel, but tomorrow I'll start in my new job--something I've been earnestly praying for I don't know when, not exactly the position, but the nature of the job.

Even before I graduated from college, I already started working as an English teacher for Korean students. Something, I've never expected I would do. But, I guess I was fortunate because I desperately needed money that time. Though, I've never really wished to be a teacher, I was grateful of the experience. I was reintroduced to grammar and realized I still don't know a lot of things(we didn't have grammar subject in college, as far as I could remember). I've also met wonderful kids which were my students, yet I've met ones who were pain in the neck.

But one thing was missing. I knew in myself that I was missing the chance to write. While, working as a teacher, I've attempted several times to join writing contests. But all of them never pushed through, I couldn't even update my measly blog which could have been an outlet to peek on my unborn dream.

For a year and three months, I was focusing on teaching my students, yet my mind was preoccupied with something else--to write.

Less than a month ago, I got a text message from a college friend asking me to apply for a writing position in Department of Agriculture. I told myself:Why not?. That afternoon, I went there and filled up an application form. Few minutes later, they were asking me to do a feature article, which I wasn't ready for. I just did it without much conviction.

While I was walking away from DA office, I was thinking that I screwed up the exam and I won't be hired. Then, I just realized that I want the job. I prayed for it, and God answered my prayer a week after, when I already gave it up.

Call it luck. And I thank my friend, maybe if not for her, I would be stuck as a teacher which is not bad, but not good as well.

I was so happy and was telling everybody about it(at least those people close to me.)

Tomorrow will be my first day. To tell you the truth I lost the momentum already, and I'm just sheer happy about it. No more fancy thoughts attached.

It may not be my dream job(as being a writer is so broad), but I have this feeling that I'm close to it. And that's what I'm looking forward to~


back to basics...

After hours of browsing and trying out skins for my blog, it turned out I'd just be using the template they have here in blogspot.. Oh well, if I just know how to create a skin for my blog, I could have the control over almost everything that concerns the appearance. But, I guess I just have to deal with this one now.. Thisaway green isn't that bad though..


How saying "peace be with you" in church came to be

Last Sunday I felt like a comeback kid in Church, since it was during the Ancient Times since I last attended a mass for one full hour. Actually, it was one hour and 15 minutes. It’s not really that I’ve never set foot on Churches, but I’ve never attended mass seriously, for I think more than a year. There were some instances where I would just pass by a church and spend some minutes there. (If lucky I could even listen to the priest’s sermon). But I never really got the chance to attend from the start till the end.
I came to Church last Sunday with my mother. I was really hoping for this day, but I think we were both tired and we really don’t meet that much. I was surprised when I just blurted out last Saturday evening, “Ma, simba tayo.”
And so it happened.
First thing the next morning, I just heard my mother said, “Kala ko ba magsisimba tayo?” And I just automatically woke up and prepared my self to go to church. It would be a good day. I thought.
We went to church in Concepcion, Marikna, and attended the 7:30 Mass.
I wasn’t really a religious person. Sorry to say but not that spiritual as well. Well, I’m trying to understand things, but I guessed I still get confused most of the time.
I was born with Catholic parents. And so, I was raised a Catholic. I know Our Father, Apostles Creed, and other prayers as well.
When I was in fifth grade I had a Born Again Christian teacher. We didn’t have crucifix in the room, and it was the time, I started not doing the sign of the cross. but, i still do sometimes.
There are a lot of debates and arguments about which religion is the best or which one says the truth or will bring us to everlasting life. I can’t say I’m a devout Catholic, I don’t believe everything in church. But, i do attend mass and observe the proper attitude inside the Church. And one question boggles me: How Saying Peace Be With You came to be?
I learned from the internet that it was already done in old Christian gathering. What they did is kiss each other as they offer their word of peace. But, I wouldn’t say it to some one if I don’t mean it. On the second thought, saying it to someone you don’t know in the mass doesn’t hurt anyway.
Peace Be With You.