2011 in Tidbits


The first month of the year has been romantic in all sorts. I loved the afternoon colors especially when I talked with God in the Church. The month has been packed with days of anticipation, heartbreaks, tears and financial worries. Still, amidst all these assortments of experiences and emotions, the months passed with great blessings, one of which was my mom's simple celebration of her 53rd birthday.


I turned 24, and along with, I had planned to create a birthday project, originally aiming to gather poems from 24 different people. Only, I wasn't able to complete the set, and instead I came up with 24 Poems and Sorts, with 12 poems from friends, quotes from my favorite books and songs, and some photographs. The project was completed a few months after. And I was elated all throughout the project creation.

I celebrated my birthday at Regalia Hotel along with some office mates. Woke up with text greetings from friends and had breakfast. In the afternoon, my heart jumped with the gentle breeze and bright sun shining. I bought cake for my celebration at home afterward.


It was only late March when I received my first salary for the year. I was ecstatic, but the fun subsided after I spent all the money paying my debts. Whew~ I barely survived the opening of the year, but thank God, everything turned out fine.


I went to Binondo with friends. We had a good walk and food trip.
For the Holy Week, my mom and I went to Binondo again for Visita Iglesia, but we didn't complete the required number of churches, which I forgot.


I treated my family for the Mother's Day.

Mother's Day photo


My sister went to college, and I felt grown up, having to worry about her schooling. So, far, I think I manage to be a responsible sister in terms of providing her allowance.I just don't know if my sister's responsible with her school work.


This was the most thrilling month of the year.
My friend gave birth.
I was so alone and sad during the first days of the month, but I became happier as the days went on.
I went to Zambales and Bacolod during the month, and I attended a seminar. The month ended well, and I learned a secret.
At Potipot Island


I went to Corregidor. I loved the place.
happier days came, despite some problems.


It's raining almost every day. I went to Quezon, and had a photo at the foot of Mt. Banahaw. My life was changed in some aspects, and I'm starting to look at the future with more optimistic eyes.


Finished and released 24 Poems and Sorts.
Attended Sulataktakan.
Attended photography training.


Attended lay-outing training.
Met my old buddy after a long time and we had a meaningful talk. With tears and laughter coming alternately.


The Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
Everything's gonna be fine. I can feel it.
year-end photo


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mavic said...

naks! I'm happy for you Cath :) more blessings may come your way throughout the year!