a figment

Before, when I used to imagine or figure out eternity, it seems so incomprehensible with all those latches attached to me.

But when you realize that you are a product of eternity, that your start is somewhat untraceable, it is easier to carry the pains, or the joys. They are sure to happen in a flash, nothing happens would seem so momentous to you.

Except in relation to Someone Higher and Bigger than all of these, and of course the angels you've met in the journey.


2013 and beyond

Half of the year was already spent. There have been a lot of magical moments that seem to envelope me and protect me from all the dangers of the material dimension. Even though I'm not rich or beautiful, I am slowly realizing, giving up this material identity, and stepping into a higher platform. It's not easy, and it's not instant, but someday, I'm sure I'd be able to understand all these things.

If you slowly come to realize who you are, giving up on things, even pride is easier.


when all is forgotten

I haven't updated my little corner here for the longest time, but for the sake of keeping this a little active I'd just blurt out why I haven't been writing for leisure for a very long time:

Maybe because I find my self aimlessly looking at other people's blog (especially art related) and run day dreams while doing so.

Maybe it is because I spend too much time writing for money in front of the computer, and as soon as I'm free, I'd rather be as far as I could from the screen monitor.

Maybe because of a new found joy offline. Things I need not to jot down on the worldwide web are my joys. In my heart there's bliss--maybe the food, love, relationships, places, and all--there is no need for explanation for such things. It's because I spend time with people who are not Internet friends, or I don't connect with through Facebook, whatever.