All the Years

**Some grammar errors may occur. Too tired to proofread now, I just want to write something. Will make corrections later. Some themes do not match, but I just want to write these.

Since 2008, when I started this blog, there have been a lot of things that showed up and went away along my path. That was only (or has already been) five years ago, and career-wise I have not upped so much.

It's a little sad sometimes especially when you hear people's comment about how you could have been better, to dress up more like your age, or to find a job that's more rewarding. (note: mom) But really, why do these things matter?

I sometimes plan to do something about these things, like maybe fix my hair a little, put on a little make up, or try to find another job on the Internet. But for the past two years and more, my attention was caught by something else. Something I know is very important, which I cannot miss in this lifetime.

I even have to give up a lot of meetings with old friends, just to be with new people I've met. But these people, even if I don't know their background, why they are here, what food they like, and the funny moments in their lives, they know who they are, and for some reason, I know them too. Along the way, I feel like we are all trying to gradually get rid of these temporary clothes we are wearing.

It has been a long journey. I hope this is the last one. Even if sometimes my old consciousness is dragging me back to the pits of human life, I still always want to remember my real purpose for crawling and walking along this Earth, and to beat it.

Along the way, pains try to urge me to give up and happiness makes me linger unnecessarily. But I have to realize that both these things are mere seasons in my life, and they need to pass. no reason to dwell on these.

Last year, I planned for things which should have come up at the beginning of the year, but didn't happen. Yet, it's okay, I'll just plan and let things unfold on its own depending on what I deserve. We all deserve something—whether it is good or bad. But in the end, one must hope to get out of the cycle and find their true love.