frutti cake

Christmas is coming…
What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Mine would be Christmas in our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan and Fruitcake by the Eraserheads.

I love Fruitcake.The melody. The message and the wordings.

I can’t put together my thoughts coherently these past few days. All I think about is the coming of January and a refreshed version of me.


Stories. And Heartbreaks. Adventures. And dreams.

I love dreams. And memories too.

To whom will I be sharing 2011 with?

Exciting as always.



I've learned that there are two kinds of exhaustion:
1.      the Good kind. Just like what you feel after a well-needed exercise, or after trekking the mountain trails for hours. You definitely feel tired and sweating, but you feel great, knowing that you leaked out fats and gained stamina etc. Also, you get the feeling of accomplishing something.

2.      and the Bad kind. It’s when you are not doing anything, but you suddenly get tired of everything that surrounds you. The people, things and events. They drain your energy and burn your heart. (this is what I exactly feel right now…)  >:


From now on, my other name is Tangerine "forever" Nanta.

bless you... :)



This is what I do when I'm listening to you..^^



 It's a shame, October ended with just one post.

Anyway, I can't think of anything sensible to post here. Too bad.
Let's just talk about the Korean Film Fest which ended today. (I didn't dare go)
The Korean Film Fest was kind of disappointing, I lined for the tickets thrice, but only watched one movie cuz there are so many people.

M (the movie I watched) wasn't that bad. The story might be cliched. Young-lovers-girls-dies-and-haunting-the-love-of-her-life-after-so-many-years is soo ordinary, it's just that the scenes were twisted, form present to past to future to the stone age.

The cinematography was genius anyway. I love. The colors and the angles. And the smoke! Whew! It's just that, they saturated the movie with lots of effects. I hated the comic/continuous stills effect (whatever you call that).
The piano background sounded familiar too me, and I love BoA's Mist (the movie's OST). It sounded old and reminiscent and sad.