when all is forgotten

I haven't updated my little corner here for the longest time, but for the sake of keeping this a little active I'd just blurt out why I haven't been writing for leisure for a very long time:

Maybe because I find my self aimlessly looking at other people's blog (especially art related) and run day dreams while doing so.

Maybe it is because I spend too much time writing for money in front of the computer, and as soon as I'm free, I'd rather be as far as I could from the screen monitor.

Maybe because of a new found joy offline. Things I need not to jot down on the worldwide web are my joys. In my heart there's bliss--maybe the food, love, relationships, places, and all--there is no need for explanation for such things. It's because I spend time with people who are not Internet friends, or I don't connect with through Facebook, whatever.