i'll die, so tomorrow, I'm free

I was depressed for about an hour or less. Now I have to move on. I can't let my self esteem and drive die down.

I know, I have a lot more to learn! I was careless all the time. Manny, I'll remember your words.

Good transition.

Right words choices.

and an attractive presentation.


A rewritten sentiment

I will remember you everyday of my life.

I will always listen to the songs that remind me of you.

I will look at the things that remind me of you.

In the midst of silence, I will remember your voice.

I will read your letter time and time again as if you're still talking to me.

Sooner or later I will move on from the drenching memories we shared. 

Details of your being will slowly fade too, in my mind. 

But you will always be part of my life. 
We will still laugh, and cry, and heave, and smile, but not together. 

We will continue to share the same sky, but tread different roads that are unlikely to meet. 

Still, I'm glad that for once our paths crossed and left a landmark that will take years to crumble. ♥


From Kate

I just got a letter from my friend few days ago. I feel a lot younger a gain. Her letters are like my vitamins and energy..


Finally A Stamp

While sending a package to my friend, I once asked the staff from PhilPost if I could buy a stamp for my package, but she gave me sticker instead, saying that it's the same.

Fastforward to June 6.

I had a song humming inside my head when I alighted the jeepney on my way to PhilPost in QC Hall this afternoon. Only I didn't know what song it was. Just I know it sounds happy.

I looked at the red and blue all caps PHILPOST banner and I could see a bright future...

Okay, I may sound overreacting,but it's how I feel whenever I send a letter to my friend in South Korea.

And today instead of the boring sticker. I got a stamp for my letter. It's bliss.

I walked away still hearing the happy hum inside my head.


IsJune a happy month?

Things are stirring up this month I think.

I'm full of anticipation of things that might come and go.

Let's see then. See you July!