last email that made me smile..

From: Kate

I love 2010 and I think this year was very important,nice and meaningful.
Because this year was first time to enter Highschool and I met many good friends.
But..... next year, I must study hard for my future. I can do it~ I will enter very very nice University to become a nurse.
I like this year because I could send letter to you.(E-mail and Air mail)
I love this situation. That is, I had very nice friend like you!
So this year will remain in my heart♡
Happy new year~



the year's ending and I'm excited. I don't have much emotional baggage to leave with 2010 behind, but I need to make a lot of changes that will help me grow as a person. There are people who will never be the same again, some I won't see again. But, there will be lotsa friends and adventures waiting ahead. And the great old ones will always be there!

There's a lot of things going around my head. I need to do a lot of things. Yihee! my planner is all ready, and I'm excited to mess with it.

Next year is my year, so I need to make it special. I'm 24. What will 2011 be like? but before I leave the year behind, I'm reminding myself about the things that I'm grateful of.

You're all in my mind, don't worry. :)



One of my disappointments with this blog, aside from the fact that I can't get a decent background (but, I'm quite okay with my latest choice. A whole lot cleaner than before), is that I can't come up with longer and more meaningful posts.

I want to really write about my new home, which is not actually new.
A Korean friend
and one of my family members

hope I could do this in the near, near future..  :')

*my other disappointment is that I can't mention one coherent thought and keep on stating side comments in parentheses.


simple things are beautiful

before the year ends let me remind myself of the simple, beautiful things that made me happy:

writing snail mails.
receiving snail mails.
cold water.
breezy afternoon.
chatting with a long lost friend.
watching free movies.
reading children's book
being early at work.
trying to speak another language
day dreams
good (night) dreams
taking good pictures
dyeing my mom's hair
writing a birthday card
going to a happy worship
eating with (a) loved one(s)
accepting your weaknesses, while working on it
biking under the hot summer sun
having enough money during the weekend.
public transportation
eating cheap ice cream.
arriving on a sound decision
listening to your favorite song
overhearing a favorite song while walking
seeing someone you like chewing a bubblegum while on the bus stop
walking around (walkathon)
sleeping early and waking up early ( hope I could do this more often)