I'm currently in the middle of a writing task. i need to finish two blog articles before the day finishes, but my mind can't quite align with the required thoughts i have to have right at the moment.

I have some stuff running in my mind.
Plans and more plans.

1. I want to finish my digital book, 24 poems and sorts, but lately, though i wasn't freelancing (freelance writing) i was kind of bummed with the performance of my PC. It's so slow and i want to thrash it. But, i love still. i love it for bearing with me. :)

2. I want to write recollections here in my blog. I want to write about my childhood which explains why i am me. i want to write about my family, friends, and dreams and loves. But, I'm just too forgetful, too lazy and not just brave enough to write that kind of stuff. But, I'll be doing it sooner or later.

3. I want to throw some of my stuff away. i want to dispose some old notebooks because i want to buy new ones. i feel kind of sentimental having them, but i need to change some things. and improve a lot of me.

4. I want to write my friend Kate, but i haven't sent her book yet. Ugh. i'm so lazy.

5. It's a fair hot afternoon, i was sleepy a while ago, but overcame it with a cup of  hot choco flavored with white marshmallows.

6. What else do i want to do? Uhm. i wanna run and sweat and be carefree.


Updating My Blog With Movie Review/s

I haven’t updated my blog for a while, so it either means I’m busy or spaced out.
Anyway, I have to remember my thoughts/ opinions about the latest free film/s I’ve watched.

Shangrila is currently hosting the 16th French Festival and I was glad to see two movies during the first day of the screening.

“La Ceremonie” amazed me and shocked me, maybe due to the poor interpretation of the movie’s synopsis. Haha.

I liked this movie better than the other one I watched: “Love Like Poison.”

btw, Love Like Poison's superb cinematography is something worth mentioning.


Well, this is not really a movie review. The title was an overstatement. hehe

Random thoughts I had today

    While at Church this afternoon, I remembered the altar boy whom I liked when I was a kid. It was difficult for me to see him from the pews back then, so it means I had bad eyes already even as a young child.

    inside the Heart of Jesus and Mary Parish. (photo from here, thank you another blogger)
    While at the jeepney, I remembered a photo of boys playing in the seawater I took while in Caramoan last year. Back then, I was thinking how the photo could be so dramatic. But, later I found out the film I used was exposed. All the photos I took were not conceived. And remembering it made me feel a bit sad. Those kids were so nice, and one of them even gave me a small crab which I returned to the sea afterward. Remembering that event, I decided I'll draw the scene I imagine instead.  

    Caramoan and the blue blue skies

    I’d rather be happy with no reason than be irrationally mad.

      Good night.