Hey Christmas, are you coming soon?

Today’s the first day of September and every body’s gushing cuz Christmas is coming.
It’s normal that even on rainy days like these, when the first day of the –ber months has arrived, people will automatically disregard the weather condition and take time to breathe the air that is Christmas.

You’ll suddenly hear Christmas songs and TV segments will start featuring anything about Christmas—from decors, gift selection and preparation, food for parties and all sort of things related to “tis season to be jolly”.

Christmas’s core meaning for me is love. What else can it be? And with love there is forgiveness, care, patience, and every good thing you can think of—even chocolate.

Aside from the reminder that Christmas season has started today, many things are making me smile too, even though my face is attacked by nasty and swollen pimples these past few weeks.

I might have troubled heart from time to time, but I just can’t help but smile whenever good things associated with Christmas come by.

MerrY CHristMas!

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