How saying "peace be with you" in church came to be

Last Sunday I felt like a comeback kid in Church, since it was during the Ancient Times since I last attended a mass for one full hour. Actually, it was one hour and 15 minutes. It’s not really that I’ve never set foot on Churches, but I’ve never attended mass seriously, for I think more than a year. There were some instances where I would just pass by a church and spend some minutes there. (If lucky I could even listen to the priest’s sermon). But I never really got the chance to attend from the start till the end.
I came to Church last Sunday with my mother. I was really hoping for this day, but I think we were both tired and we really don’t meet that much. I was surprised when I just blurted out last Saturday evening, “Ma, simba tayo.”
And so it happened.
First thing the next morning, I just heard my mother said, “Kala ko ba magsisimba tayo?” And I just automatically woke up and prepared my self to go to church. It would be a good day. I thought.
We went to church in Concepcion, Marikna, and attended the 7:30 Mass.
I wasn’t really a religious person. Sorry to say but not that spiritual as well. Well, I’m trying to understand things, but I guessed I still get confused most of the time.
I was born with Catholic parents. And so, I was raised a Catholic. I know Our Father, Apostles Creed, and other prayers as well.
When I was in fifth grade I had a Born Again Christian teacher. We didn’t have crucifix in the room, and it was the time, I started not doing the sign of the cross. but, i still do sometimes.
There are a lot of debates and arguments about which religion is the best or which one says the truth or will bring us to everlasting life. I can’t say I’m a devout Catholic, I don’t believe everything in church. But, i do attend mass and observe the proper attitude inside the Church. And one question boggles me: How Saying Peace Be With You came to be?
I learned from the internet that it was already done in old Christian gathering. What they did is kiss each other as they offer their word of peace. But, I wouldn’t say it to some one if I don’t mean it. On the second thought, saying it to someone you don’t know in the mass doesn’t hurt anyway.
Peace Be With You.

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