last day of june

I don't know what to feel, but tomorrow I'll start in my new job--something I've been earnestly praying for I don't know when, not exactly the position, but the nature of the job.

Even before I graduated from college, I already started working as an English teacher for Korean students. Something, I've never expected I would do. But, I guess I was fortunate because I desperately needed money that time. Though, I've never really wished to be a teacher, I was grateful of the experience. I was reintroduced to grammar and realized I still don't know a lot of things(we didn't have grammar subject in college, as far as I could remember). I've also met wonderful kids which were my students, yet I've met ones who were pain in the neck.

But one thing was missing. I knew in myself that I was missing the chance to write. While, working as a teacher, I've attempted several times to join writing contests. But all of them never pushed through, I couldn't even update my measly blog which could have been an outlet to peek on my unborn dream.

For a year and three months, I was focusing on teaching my students, yet my mind was preoccupied with something else--to write.

Less than a month ago, I got a text message from a college friend asking me to apply for a writing position in Department of Agriculture. I told myself:Why not?. That afternoon, I went there and filled up an application form. Few minutes later, they were asking me to do a feature article, which I wasn't ready for. I just did it without much conviction.

While I was walking away from DA office, I was thinking that I screwed up the exam and I won't be hired. Then, I just realized that I want the job. I prayed for it, and God answered my prayer a week after, when I already gave it up.

Call it luck. And I thank my friend, maybe if not for her, I would be stuck as a teacher which is not bad, but not good as well.

I was so happy and was telling everybody about it(at least those people close to me.)

Tomorrow will be my first day. To tell you the truth I lost the momentum already, and I'm just sheer happy about it. No more fancy thoughts attached.

It may not be my dream job(as being a writer is so broad), but I have this feeling that I'm close to it. And that's what I'm looking forward to~


cathy said...

The first paragraph is so vague, but I want it that way...^^

cathy said...
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