Random thoughts I had today

    While at Church this afternoon, I remembered the altar boy whom I liked when I was a kid. It was difficult for me to see him from the pews back then, so it means I had bad eyes already even as a young child.

    inside the Heart of Jesus and Mary Parish. (photo from here, thank you another blogger)
    While at the jeepney, I remembered a photo of boys playing in the seawater I took while in Caramoan last year. Back then, I was thinking how the photo could be so dramatic. But, later I found out the film I used was exposed. All the photos I took were not conceived. And remembering it made me feel a bit sad. Those kids were so nice, and one of them even gave me a small crab which I returned to the sea afterward. Remembering that event, I decided I'll draw the scene I imagine instead.  

    Caramoan and the blue blue skies

    I’d rather be happy with no reason than be irrationally mad.

      Good night.

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