It was early 2008 when I entered the world of Facebook. Friendster was still a hit among Filipinos that time. It was just an ordinary afternoon when I checked my inbox and found an invitation from a classmate in college. I was unconscious that time that it was the start of a vicious relationship with the Facebook world, after losing interest to the lure of Friendster. I just had a few friends that time. The classmate who invited me, another classmate from college, and later some friends, a former student, until they multiplied to people I don’t even know, old friends, classmates and some people from my childhood.

For about two years of my romance with this social networking site, I tried almost everything it features—from the applications, games, stalking, uploading people, tagging someone in a photo, adding links, viewing videos, adding random people whom interested me (just a couple, I guessed), and confirming those I don’t know as well. To be honest, I think, only a dozen or two among my 300+ friends are the ones I REALLY communicate with. The ones I ACTUALLY share my life with.

There are days when I just check on a friend (Facebook friend) and his/her friend and that person’s friend. Until, I was just looking into someone’s life whom I don’t even know and was just connected to me through a second degree friend. I just got tired of the activity.

Facebook is one tool that can bring people closer together. There would be reunions conducted through Facebook, relationships formed, and so on and so forth.

Thanks Mark Zuckerberg.

But, I realized it’s kind of creepy bumping someone in the street, the mall or a social gathering and just exclaim to someone, “Hey I know you!” I saw you in my Facebook." It’s cool to some extent. But, it just won’t work for me. Now until indefinitely.

I can't fathom the fact that I'd be friend with an old classmate/acquaintance and ignore (pretend not to see) that person when you see him/her.

There are just so many people in Facebook, and since I consider myself a semi-antisocial individual, it just suffocates me. Sometimes, I like someone’s post or be enthralled with his/her photo, but I just can’t push the “Like” bottom anytime I want to. Since in real life, I’m not the kind of person who would easily gush at someone and give him/her a high praise.
It’s just me. Nothing wrong with Facebook.

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