simple things are beautiful

before the year ends let me remind myself of the simple, beautiful things that made me happy:

writing snail mails.
receiving snail mails.
cold water.
breezy afternoon.
chatting with a long lost friend.
watching free movies.
reading children's book
being early at work.
trying to speak another language
day dreams
good (night) dreams
taking good pictures
dyeing my mom's hair
writing a birthday card
going to a happy worship
eating with (a) loved one(s)
accepting your weaknesses, while working on it
biking under the hot summer sun
having enough money during the weekend.
public transportation
eating cheap ice cream.
arriving on a sound decision
listening to your favorite song
overhearing a favorite song while walking
seeing someone you like chewing a bubblegum while on the bus stop
walking around (walkathon)
sleeping early and waking up early ( hope I could do this more often)
laughing at a joke
being praised/commended from time to time (narcissistic, but good confidence booster)
meeting friendly people
overcoming a problem.
having fair weather for the day.
cooking a favorite dish..

Next year, i might be doing most of these things again.. I'm excited for 2011.

Will it be a hare-y year?

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