A Day It Was

It was indeed a day.

I started the day with a lazy feeling, though I knew I needed to do a lot of things.

I originally planned to have my check up today, but I just didn’t know where to start. First, I didn’t know where clinic to go. And I didn’t know what to tell the doctor.

I was planning to have my digestion (stomach, whatever) checked. And my heart as well. (It has been numb for years) ha-ha.

I spent the whole morning surfing the net, organizing things etc. So, I wasn’t able to push through. I had to meet my friend too in the afternoon, and I couldn’t cancel it because I asked her to accompany me to have my films developed.

Off to Quiapo we went.

Abie and I went to Hidalgo at first after our meet-up in SM North. I didn’t know where to find the cheap developing shop so I ended up having my DO in Mitsubishi. It was the cheapest one compared to Kodak and Fuji film. We had to wait for one and a half hour so we decided to walk around to my delight. Yahoo! She wanted to see Ongpin so we let our feet take us there.

Off to Sta. Cruz.

We were doing a kinda photo shoot but not really. Haha. We wandered off Ongpin and Sta Cruz Church while exchanging stock stories of our lives spent without the other one and reminisced the glory days of high school. We crossed Jones Bridge and found ourselves in front of National Post Office. I requested her to take a jump shot of me, which I am very fond of. I had to do several tries and I loved the result. I looked like a retard. Duh. We got thirsty and so we looked for water.

Off to Walled-City.

We found bottled water in 7-11 inside Intramuros and we rested for a while. We went up to the wall and decided to take photos with her digicam. I was asking her again to have a jump shot of me because I wanted to fill my Summer is jumping album but I saw not far, two girls having a jump shot. I knew they heard me talking about jump shots and copied my idea. Stupid girls. Ha-ha. We walked along taking photos and still sharing stories. It was near 7PM and the guard was asking everyone to evacuate the wall so we had to do so too. We just walked around Intramuros’ streets and the scenes were not inviting, but we found isaw etc being sold in the street so we dug in. We walked a again. And took funny shots near Letran where there was good lighting.

Back to Quiapo.

We went back to Hidalgo to get my negatives, but to my disappointment, my black & white was exposed. Ugh was all I could utter. We had dinner and passed by Quiapo to thank God. I attempted to take a photo of a statue but the man said it was not allowed and I need permit to do so. Ugh again. We just walked away.

We went on separate jeepneys. And while I was on the jeepney bound to Fairview. I didn’t know “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt would be my next theme song. Haha.

Good night Saturday and see you next week.

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