ON 23

One hour before my birthday, I found myself at the back of a rushing tricycle. I loved back rides. But for my trip home, that wasn’t a wish. Imagine the tricycles in Batasan, not all but some of them, having no roofs for the back ride, and if you’re even more unfortunate you’ll find yourself sitting on the iron part, which makes your butt whir throughout the journey.

That night, though I sat on back ride, I was lucky, or should I say, not that unfortunate, for the tryke which I took didn’t have a roof, but I had to sit on a cushioned ride. Uhum… I’d certainly prefer that than the ironed seat with a roof. But, imagine my dread through out the trip. Well, I’ve never heard of trucks crushing down trykes in that part of QC, but if you were me, and could see vehicles along the road which are three to four times bigger than the one you’re riding, horrible thoughts would surely enter your head too…

I could imagine my head flying in the air and landing with a crisp crack if any of those vans, or buses, or trucks hits us. Ewww. Gory. But, though this thought trampled my head. I felt certain awe in seeing what was around me. The sky, and the stars it holds, and even the San Mateo bridge and river which were both tranquil.

That night, the wind wasn’t that cold... And it made me feel that really, summer is coming. The borderline, between Philippine winter (which is really not winter) and summer happens around my birthday. My month.

Well then, that was supposed to be an ordinary, every day trip of mine, but I knew if the clock strikes 12, then it’s good bye 22.

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