Some of my students are leaving on Sunday, and today is the last time that I would see them. It makes me a little sad but not that much anyway. I already learned that life is like this: On the way me meet a lot of people, some are exceptional, while most are ordinary. But sometimes those ordinary people we see as not an interesting being could leave a lasting mark in our lives.

Kate was an ordinary student, she was very quiet at first and a little shy, (I think). She had been my student since the first day she studied here. At first, it was very hard to communicate with her because of language barrier and hesitation to open up topics to her because I still don't know what could pull her strings. I did not feel any special connections with her until recently. I was touched when she said that I am her favorite teacher. Even if I have the mindset that she might have told this to other teachers, I was still touched. I think that she is a nice girl. even if she called me a criminal(which is meant for a joke) thrice. The other students are also special in different ways. It was so funny that they made letters for us, and I think that their letters are heartfelt though they are little hard to understand.

This afternoon I haven't showed much emotion of sadness maybe because I was excited of the picture-taking session, I was pressured from drawing Ricky's request and I just really want to act normal in this kind of situation. After few hours(right now), a bit of emotion sank finally. I know I would really miss teaching in Valle Verde. It was funny though because at the start I really didn't want to be there.

I would miss my girl students who have lots of excuses.

I would miss their funny English accent.

I would miss the jokes the boy students play.

I would miss the peculiar terms they use and their dirty minds.

I would miss running up and down the stairs.

I would miss laughing with them.

I would miss calling their names.

But as the cliche goes:

Life goes on. And it does. I know they will soon forget this day. I think I would never forget it, though I know that the degree of emotion would degenerate because time heals all wounds and scars are not painful anyway.

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